Get followed links & traffic from sites in the S3X Porn network

If you have any of the following type of content we want it included on sites in our S3X_Porn network

If you have that type of content it can be featured on pornstar profile pages (e.g. see how news was integrated into our page on Rocco Steele), and on our pornsite pages. All of the links are followed (not nofollowed or put through a jump script) so they pass PageRank. And the most recent links show up on the main pages for pornstars and porn sites which are powerful second-level pages on most of our sites.

We are only accepting links for high-quality sites with good reputations within the industry. Your site must follow all Google guidelines (e.g. all affiliate/paid links through robots-excluded jump scripts). Additionally, we do not allow links from Zack Sire's "Str8Up", or from any page that links to Str8Up.

And to be clear – this is one-way linking. You do not have to link to our sites to be included in this program.

If you're interested in having your links included, just send an email.

Get rewarded for promoting Studio 3X sites!

We're looking to form partnerships with people who can help build the membership on our S3X Connect sites once they launch. If you send friends or website visitors to any of the sites that are part of the S3X Connect network or the S3X Porn network and someone joins as a new member, then we'd like to say thanks in the following ways…

Bronze Level

Refer your friends and website visitors to one or more of the S3X Connect sites and you'll receive special promotions – free promotional items, enhanced memberships on the site, etc.

If you link to one of the S3X Connect sites you can add your username to the URL to ensure you get credit for the referral. Just add ?referrer=YourUserName to the end of the URL. And please add rel=nofollow to the link to ensure that you comply with Google's guidelines on "paid links". Your link should look something like this:

<a href="">#BBBH</a>

Silver Level

Can you refer 100+ active users (guys who use the site at least once a month)? If so we're willing to share ad revenue with you. If you maintain 100+ active referrals you'll get to control the bottom banner on your referrals' profile pages. If you maintain 500+ active referrals you'll get to control all ads on your referrals' profile pages. The more active and visible the guys are that you refer, the more exposure your ads will get, and the more money you'll make.

Silver Level partners will also have access to details about the members they refer - such as email address, last login, social media profiles, etc.

Gold Level

Do you have a well-known brand that's compatible with one of the S3X Connect sites? If so, then we can work with you to build a branded version of that site for you. To qualify for Gold Level your name should be commonly known and respected and you should have an established community of active users.

You will get roughly half the ad space on your branded site. All signups via your branded site will be considered referrals and you will get the same referral benefits as Silver Level partners.