s3x_NETWORK is a work in progress with some sites completed and others still in a conceptual phase. The vision is a comprensive suite of sites that will focus primarily on adult and erotic content for gay and trans men.


s3x_PORN is an integrated set of niche porn sites with blogs, tube videos, galleries, pornstar profiles, etc. Large parts of s3x_PORN are built and deployed. Some of the smaller sites still need work. Acquiring and incorporating content will continue to be an on-going process.


s3x_CONNECT will be a network of interconnected hookup & discussion sites. Our current community site, Breeding Zone, will be folded into s3x_CONNECT at some point in the future.


s3x_SOCIAL will be a Nostr-based social media site. Unlike most of our other sites it will open to all sexual orientations.


s3x_FITNESS will offer users the ability to track body measurements. In time it will be extended to also be able to track workouts including integration with Strava.


s3x_STORE will sell a variety of merchandise – branded merchandise for s3x brands, sex toys, etc.

There are a number of tools and data that we have come up with during the development of s3x_NETWORK. They include…

Redirect Link Checker
Useful to check affiliate links
Banner Ad Advertising
A summary of the ads we serve on sites in the s3x_NETWORK.