S3X Network is currently under development. When completed it will be a comprensive suite of sites that will focus primarily on adult and erotic content.

S3X Porn

Currently under development, S3X Porn will be an integrated set of niche porn sites with blogs, tube videos, galleries, pornstar profiles, etc. Parts of S3X Porn are built and deployed. Other parts remain to be developed.

S3X Social

When fully developed S3X Social will have two components. One component will be social media tools for those of us in the adult entertainment business. That component will be developed over time as we develop tools for our own use. The other component will be a porn-friendly social media site..

S3X Fitness

Still needing final tweaks, S3X Fitness will offer users the ability to track their workouts and body measurements.

S3X Connect

S3X Connect will be a network of interconnected hookup & discussion sites. Our current community site, Breeding Zone, will be folded into S3X Connect at some point in the future.


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